10 Reasons It’s Cool to Fix Things

CoolFixWhy it’s cool to fix things:
1. Let’s start with one of the most obvious. We live in a throw-away society, particularly here in the U.S. Repairing the old whatsit, so you don’t have to go buy a new whatsit, may seem like placing one small twig to hold back the flood of consumerism, but if everybody started doing it, we’d eventually have built a big ol’ dam, and become a more self-reliant people in the process.

2. There is beauty in function, and satisfaction in restoring it. This is true whether you’re finally hearing an engine roar to life when you turn the key, or watching a webpage load flawlessly after you’ve debugged the code, or fastening the new button you sewed on your old shirt. Fixing something feels good.

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New Year, New Blog

A blog for an electric motor repair shop? Seriously? Well, these days it seems like everyone online has got a blog and gotta blog, so why not give it a go.

To date the John’s Electric Motor Service website has had nearly 700 views and close to 300 visitors. OK, hardly earthshaking, and perhaps some simply got lost in their search for Papa John’s Pizza. But for a local, long-time old-school motor repair shop that just got on board the Internet engine last July, it’s pretty exciting to have people find us online. And, thus, we begin the John’s Electric Motor Blog… because it’s cool to fix things.

Stay tuned for posts about:

  • What’s On the Workbench (some of the interesting jobs that come through the shop)
  • Electric Motor Lore (for the motor geeks among us)
  • Question Box (things people ask us through the website or in person)
  • Motor Haiku (the zen of motor repair and finding the poetry in the practical pursuit of making things work again)

Motor Haiku 1

how the world is run?
motors everywhere

Let us know what you think. (Wheaton’s Law applies…)