Of Mice and Merlot

The Crusher

The Crusher

This was one of the fun jobs that came in last fall—a wooden grape crusher from a local winery. Was working fine when it went into storage after last year’s harvest, but now the motor wasn’t working at all. But we had a clue: “When I went to move it from storage, a mouse ran out.”


The Culprit

Sure enough, the mouse had chewed through some of the wiring. Rewired the motor, and this neat old machine lived to crush another day.

In keeping with the harvest theme, that same week we repaired a cider press for Mountain Feed and Farm—one of finest farm, garden and homesteading stores you’ll find anywhere—just in time for their Preserve the Harvest Festival.

grapecrusher2Motor Haiku 23

pick the ripe red orbs
wine making waits for no mouse
grape crusher restored