The Signs, They Are a Changin’

Well, the shop’s been without a sign for well over a month. The old one was looking really faded, and a failed touch-up and stencil attempt by one-who-will-remain-nameless had left us with just the word JOHN’s — with a backward-facing N! — on one side.

Overheard a neighborhood couple walking by one evening. The guy said, “Hey, their N is backwards,” and his wife replied, “Oh, that’s been that way for years.”


Peter and Will with the new sign

Peter and Will with the new sign

But — drumroll, please — John’s now has a brand-new sign, courtesy of famed Santa Cruz artist and muralist Peter Bartczak of Clownbank Studio. We built Peter a compressor, and he painted us an awesome new sign.

And — longer drumroll — we’re talking plans to put an actual mural on the big blank wall along the side of the shop. Peter’s designing a homage to Nikola Tesla—inventor of the AC induction motor, among many other visionary things. A fitting artwork for an electric motor repair shop for sure. More details coming soon.

Signing off for now…

Nameless no more!

Nameless no more!

The King Snake’s (Really) Bad Day…


California king snakes—a good thing. These non-venomous constrictors are found throughout California and the west. They play an important role in the eco-system by controlling rodent and frog populations and killing rattlesnakes. They are popular pet reptiles because they are attractive, easy to care for and can be tamed.

Pump motors—also a good thing. They keep wells working, fountains flowing, irrigation systems sprinkling, and spa and pool water circulating.

Snake crawling into a pump motor—not a good thing. For either one.

IMG_00000035Cause of this motor malfunction was obvious. Unfortunately, this 3-foot-long mountain king snake met its doom inside. We were able to fix the motor, but not the snake.

(Apologies to ophiophilists for the sad pics…)

Intact king snake photo by Mark Kenderdine.

IMG_00000034Motor Haiku 19

curious king snake
pumps and reptiles do not mix
wish we could fix you